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Sleep Remedies

sleep remedies

sleep remedies

Sleep remedies is a collective name for anything that helps you sleep better i.e. medicine, treatment, routines, diet, environmental conditions e.t.c.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), one third of the adult population in America sleeps less than 7 hours a night. A majority in this group have trouble sleeping due to the lack of adequate knowledge on sleep remedies discussed below. This is bad news considering adequate sleep has numerous health benefits i.e. reduces stress, promotes weight loss, enhances memory e.t.c.

In case you fall under the above category of individuals, this article is for you. Below are important sleep remedies and tips that will help you get better sleep to promote better health.

Sleep Remedies That Can Help

1. Develop a good sleeping routine: This is one of the most important sleep remedies to consider when you want to get better sleep. It is important to note that oversleeping isn’t healthy. At the same time, you should avoid depriving yourself sleep. One of the best ways of avoiding oversleeping or depriving yourself sleep is going to bed and wake up the same time every single day including weekends. When you do this, you avoid disrupting your biological clock thereby avoiding sleeping problems.

2. Exercise regularly: This is another perfect sleep remedy that has been tested and proven by experts. Being physically active i.e. exercising 3 to 4 times every week has been proven to improve sleep quality. Exercising also reduces depressive symptoms, improves vitality and avoids tiredness and sleepiness during the day. In summary, if you want to sleep better, you have to exercise regularly.

3. Maintain a good healthy diet: Watching what you eat is also among the best natural sleep remedies because most of the food we eat directly affects our sleep quality. For instance, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate and tea have ingredients i.e. caffeine and sugars which have been directly linked with poor sleep. You should therefore avoid them at all costs in the evening or late afternoon. In regards to your overall diet, eat balanced meals throughout the day. Avoid heavy or spicy foods at night because they cause indigestion and heartburn which in turn affect sleep quality.

4. Avoid taking alcohol at night: Alcohol has been proven to disrupt sleeping patterns and brainwaves responsible for making you wake up refreshed every morning. Taking a glass of your favorite wine before you sleep may sound like a good idea because it makes you doze off however once the blood alcohol level lowers, you will most likely wake up and have a very hard time going back to bed. Avoiding alcohol at night is therefore one of the best sleep remedies to consider if you drink alcohol often.

5. Avoid sleeping with pets or your kids: If you want to get better sleep, you also need to reconsider sleeping with your kids or pets in your bed for obvious reasons. Kids and pets cause sleep disruptions resulting in poor sleeping patterns as well as sleep deprivation. There is no problem sleeping with your spouse however your bed should be out of bounds for your kids and pets if you want to get better sleep. This is one of the most obvious sleep remedies most people ignore.

6. Sleep in favorable conditions: According to numerous studies, temperate conditions are better if you want to sleep better. You should therefore avoid tropical conditions at all costs because it makes your bedroom too hot and uncomfortable. The National Sleep Foundation recommends a sleeping temperature between 54 & 75 degrees Fahrenheit as the best sleeping temperature range. Anything outside this range will cause sleeping problems. This explains why you should strike a balance between your sleeping attire, bed covers and thermostat to ensure you sleep comfortably.

7. Turn off the lights: This is also one of the most important sleep remedies most people ignore. There is a reason why we sleep at night. This reason revolves around darkness and minimal distractions. Light has been proven to disrupt the production of melatonin, a hormone which is responsible for regulating sleep cycles. You must therefore ensure there is total darkness in your bedroom at night if you are focused on getting better sleep. It is important to note that any small amount of light can disrupt melatonin production thereby affecting sleep quality.

In summary, the above sleep remedies are adequate enough to help you get better sleep. It is however important to note that there may be other sleep remedies that can help you improve your sleep quality further. This article should therefore be used as a basis for further research on sleep remedies.

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